Class Descriptions:

Preschool Dance & Tumbling -

Is for the 2.5 to 5 year old child and is designed to give the beginnings of a structured learning situation in rhythmic and coordination type activities, developing into more structured forms of ballet and tap dancing. An introduction to basic acrobatic movements such as front and back rolls, cartwheels, etc… All tricks are teacher assisted until the child is comfortable performing these moves alone.

Beginner Levels -

Beginning level for those with little or no experience. Classes consist of ballet, jazz, and tap - teaching form, style and rhythm so the dancer learns basic moves and develops technique for more advanced forms of each.

Intermediate Levels -

For those who have completed Beginning Levels or the equivalent at another school. Teaches more advanced moves and techniques.

Hip-Hop Class -

Offered to students in grades Kindergarten and up. Students will learn basic hip-hop instruction which concentrates on energetic popular dance moves and emphasizes movement and rhythm.

Ballet/Technique Class -

Offered to students in grades Kindergartden and up. Consists of barre, technique and ballet. Students will be placed in the level the teacher recommends after registration. Register for "Ballet Class" when completing the registration process.

Competition Classes

Offered to students ages 5-18. Dancers will excel in technique and skills. The main focus for all ages is jazz and ballet. Dancers are required to take a ballet class along with their additional competition classes. We also offer competition classes in hip hop. Dancers who are interested in competition for the 2024-2025 season are required to take the Summer Camp Competition class. See the Summer Camp page for more information.Please email or fill out -the contact us page for more information on Competition or Summer Camp!

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